Media Releases

Scully welcomes Supreme Court appointment of administrator for Oasis Village at Windang

05 September 2023

The decision by the NSW Supreme Court to appoint an administrator to run the Oasis Village in Windang is a clear victory for the rights of residents.

$115 million to ensure disaster recovery and preparedness

04 September 2023

The NSW Government is committing $115 million to properly resource the NSW Reconstruction Authority and better ensure NSW communities are prepared for natural disasters and can recover faster.

Minns Labor Government opens up Sydney New Year’s Eve premium vantage points for the public

03 September 2023

The Minns Government has today confirmed that NSW-government-owned sites around the Sydney Harbour foreshore will be free for the public this New Year’s Eve, fulfilling an election commitment.

Research confirms density close to CBD, lowers infrastructure costs

28 August 2023

The NSW Productivity Commissioner’s latest report confirms that the Minns Government’s approach to housing is on the right track.

Changes to the public sector to provide laser focus on housing and energy challenges

18 August 2023

NSW Premier Chris Minns has today announced that the Department of Planning and Environment will become two new departments to better deliver on the Government’s priorities of addressing the energy challenges, climate change, the environment and housing.

BASIX pause to help home buyers and builders

15 August 2023

The NSW Government today committed to reduce the financial burden of increased building standards for nine months for those who have already signed contracts.

135 Affordable Homes for Lachlan’s Line

09 August 2023

Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Paul Scully said the modified plans would double the floor area of the project on the basis it would be used for 100 per cent affordable housing.

Pick-your-own farms exempt from 100 visitor cap

08 August 2023

The Minns Government will amend the agritourism policy to make sure pick-your-own-fruit farm operations are allowed to operate with more than 100 visitors at a time without the need for planning approval.

Smarter planning tools puts housing in focus

06 August 2023

NSW’s world-first land-use technology platform, Land iQ, has secured more than $11 million in State and Commonwealth funding to back in its current work to identify surplus and underutilised public land for housing and to also help extend it for use in other sectors.

Australia's first commercial hydrogen refuelling station opens at Port Kembla

28 July 2023

Port Kembla is now home to Australia's first commercial hydrogen refuelling station for zero emissions heavy road vehicles, in a major breakthrough towards de-carbonising the region’s 7,000 heavy vehicles.