Wollongong Hospital is under extraordinary pressure and Port Kembla Hospital hasn’t had a significant improvement in years.

More people than ever before are seeking treatment and care at Wollongong Hospital, and the NSW Government has not adequately increased resources to match the increased demand.

Waiting times at Wollongong Hospital Emergency Department are above the state average and the longest outside of Sydney, and waiting times for elective surgeries at Wollongong Hospital have blown out with thousands on the waiting list for surgery. Our doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff are doing the best job that they can, but they need more support.

The NSW Government must:

  • Reduce waiting times at Wollongong Hospital emergency department
  • Cut the waiting list for elective surgeries at Wollongong Hospital
  • Refurbish the ‘ghost ward’ at Wollongong Hospital
  • Provide the thoracic surgeon at Wollongong Hospital that was promised in 2015
  • Commit to a construction timetable for a new health facility for our southern suburbs to replace the ailing Port Kembla Hospital