More than 20 years ago the then Labor Government built the Wollongong Entertainment Centre.

Over the last two decades it has hosted hundreds of events attended by thousands of guests.

The Entertainment Centre has become a key part of Wollongong’s visitor economy providing opportunities to host events, attract visitors and provide local jobs – with nearby hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes and shops all sharing in the benefits.

But the Entertainment Centre is showing all the wear and tear of hosting these events. It hasn’t had a major upgrade in is lifetime despite multiple reports in recent years saying an upgrade is overdue.

There is strong community support for an upgrade which would attract new events, new visitors and create new jobs.

Upgrading the Entertainment Centre to cater for conferences and exhibitions is expected to add more than $12 million a year in economic activity to Wollongong and create nearly 300 new jobs.

I will continue to put pressure on the Perrottet Government, and you can show your support, because an upgraded WEC is an essential element to other investments and further activation of Wollongong CBD.