Wollongong should be in e-scooter trial

15 March 2022

Member for Wollongong, Paul Scully MP, has called on the Minister for Active Transport to rethink the exclusion of Wollongong from the NSW Government’s e-scooter trial.

In Budget Estimates yesterday it was revealed that Wollongong would not be included in the upcoming e-scooter trial.


“Wollongong was specifically asked about and has been ruled out by the NSW Government”, Mr Scully said.


“It’s a bit short-sighted given the prevalence of e-scooters on our streets and the level of support for a trial in Wollongong”, Mr Scully said.


In December 2020 Wollongong City Council supported Wollongong being a trial location for e-scooters in the absence of broader legislation legalising the use of e-scooters and electric skateboards.


Mr Scully said that he has advocated for Wollongong to be a trial location for the NSW Government’s long-awaited trial and has again written to the Minister for Active Transport urging him to reconsider Wollongong’s exclusion.


“Wollongong makes sense as a trial location.


“We have a supportive community, areas of the city that are poorly serviced by public transport and e-scooters are already on our streets”. Mr Scully said.


“Later this year we will have thousands of people in Wollongong for the UCI World Road Cycling Championships which will put considerable pressure on our transport network and there is already evidence from other locations around the country that e-scooters provide an attractive transport option for tourists.


“We are already a bike city and with this trial we could be an e-scooter city too – embracing and testing the technology and helping to develop a regulatory structure that protects e-scooter users, road users and pedestrians”, Mr Scully said.


“I hope the Government is willing to reconsider. Extending the trial from four local government areas to five will benefit the trial, not detract from it”, he said.