Wollongong out of Sports Grant sin bin

18 November 2020

Member for Wollongong, Paul Scully, is claiming a budget win for community sport in the Wollongong local government area (LGA), which will now be eligible for funding under a newly named sports facility funding program.

Mr Scully has campaigned for years to have the Government change its previous exclusion of Wollongong LGA from both the Greater Sydney Sports Facility Fund and the Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund.


The NSW Budget has now included the Wollongong LGA in the new $100 million Greater Cities and Regional Sports Facilities Fund.


“I am counting this as a big win for Wollongong sporting groups to be finally included in this new funding program.


“I’ve been calling on the Government to play fair and allow Wollongong LGA sporting groups to apply for funds so the playing field is level.


“Sporting clubs based in Wollongong LGA have been unfairly in the ‘sin bin’ for long enough.


“Our sporting groups have missed out on so many opportunities to revitalise and modernise their sporting facilities because they have been locked out by a deliberate inexcusable exclusion imposed on them by the Government”, he said.


Mr Scully will still appear before the Public Accountability Committee inquiry hearing on Friday, 27 November 2020, to highlight how unfair it has been for sporting groups based in the Wollongong LGA not to have any access to funding opportunities under the Greater Sydney Sports Facility Fund and Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund.


“I will be making sure all Wollongong LGA-based sporting groups are made aware of this big change and that they can now finally apply for projects to improve their facilities after being denied that opportunity for years now by this Government”, he said.


The Office of Sport will announce application dates and guidelines for the new Greater Cities and Regional Sports Facilities Fund in coming months.