Still no touchdown for office in Wollongong

06 April 2022

The opportunity of Wollongong-based public service workers to work from Wollongong instead of daily commuting to Sydney CBD has been delayed, Member for Wollongong, Paul Scully said today.

The NSW Government says it is trying to find the funds and a “whole of government office solution in Wollongong”.


This latest development comes just over 12 months since the Government said it was adopting Mr Scully’s idea of a ‘Work from Wollongong’ plan.


The then Minister for Property, Melinda Pavey MP advised Mr Scully in a letter dated February 2021 that:


Subject to securing the necessary Government approval, it is anticipated that Wollongong will be included in the NSW Touchdown Office Network.


The Network would provide the style of office accommodation to members of the public service that your ‘Work from Wollongong’ concept proposes.


Mr Scully said that he was disappointed that the Government has delayed the implementation of Touchdown Space in Wollongong.


“This is one of the frustrations we all experience with the NSW Liberals and Nationals Government.


“The Government makes big announcements and then fails to follow through.


“The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has provided an opportunity to re-think many things and the way we work must be high on that agenda.


“The response to the pandemic shows that we don’t need to commute to the Sydney every day, we can work locally, and workers actually prefer to do so.


“My ‘Work from Wollongong’ plan benefits public sector workers who won’t have to commute regularly and it will reduce escape spending to Sydney while helping the local economy in Wollongong – supporting other local jobs.


“It also demonstrates to the private sector that this is a viable approach to working from Wollongong.

“The point I’ve made to the Government is that working at a city location for public servants doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be in the Sydney CBD – it can also be in Wollongong CBD”, he said.


Mr Scully urged the Government to get cracking on establishing a Touchdown Office in Wollongong.


“I hope to see some progress on this issue in the upcoming Budget”, he said.