Scully calls for administrator for Oasis Village

28 February 2022

State Parliament has been told an administrator should be appointed by the NSW Supreme Court to run the Oasis Village at Windang after concerns were raised by its 43 local residents claiming bullying and unreasonable behaviour by the operator over the last two years.

The Oasis Village operator, S&Q Assets Pty Ltd, has been taken to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) on a number of occasions for adjudication on whether the operator is complying with the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013.


Member for Wollongong, Paul Scully told Parliament during a Private Members Statement on Thursday night that, “S&Q Assets Pty Ltd…must understand that their conduct…is unacceptable, has been reprehensible, and will no longer be tolerated – enough is enough.”


S&Q Assets Pty Ltd have previously issued the 43 Oasis Village residents with termination notices, which NCAT had ruled as invalid.


NCAT has recently ordered that all site fees should now be paid into a special trust account that it administers on behalf of residents to make sure that regular maintenance of Oasis Village can be undertaken and those services paid for.


Mr Scully told Parliament he has written to the new Minister for Fair Trading, Eleni Petinos, requesting an application be lodged in the NSW Supreme Court ordering the appointment of an administrator to exercise all the functions of the operator of the Oasis Village community.


He said S&Q Asset’s flouting of NCAT orders and a renewed threat to re-issue termination notices to residents was grounds to warrant the Court appointed administrator.


Mr Scully told Parliament, “S&Q Assets is seeking to toss out the residents of Oasis Village. They want to do this by refusing to pay the residents the fair financial compensation required under law.


“Many Oasis Village residents are elderly, frail, facing the daily challenges of battling chronic ill health. They all want to live their lives with peace of mind. Under the Act, they have every right to do so.”