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January 10, 2019

The Berejiklian Government has now just 72 days in which to finally get rid of the 72 step struggle by matching Labor’s pledge to upgrade Unanderra Station and building its much-needed lifts.


Today marks 72 days until the NSW election on Saturday, 23 March 2019.


Since September 2011 when the O’Farrell Government’s Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian MP – now the Premier – cancelled construction of the lifts at Unanderra Station commenced by the former Labor Government, commuters have been forced to climb up and down 72 steps to gain access to the central platform.


During this time the Unanderra Access Group, disability providers and employers, and the local community have fought to get the O’Farrell, Baird and Berejiklian Governments to return the money allocated to install the lifts and upgrade Unanderra Station.


Petitions, rallies, protests, deputations and even a community walk have been held to put pressure on the Minister for Transport, Andrew Constance MP and the Premier to finally start work on building the lifts.


Over the last eight years, the elderly, parents with prams, commuters with bags, and people with a disability have been forced to struggle with 72 steps while other train station across NSW have had lifts installed as Transport Access Program (TAP) rankings have been fiddled and manipulated for political purposes.


The Premier even cried crocodile tears of distress nearly four years ago when footage of a double-amputee, stroke victim and 81 year old woman were filmed struggling-up the 72 stairs to get access to the central platform.


NSW Labor has committed $25 million to upgrade Unanderra Station including building the much-needed lifts as part of the $225 million Illawarra Jobs Action Plan.


Wollongong MP, Paul Scully said the funding would start to roll-out in the very first budget of a Daley Labor Government if the party was elected to form the next government of New South Wales on the 23 March 2019.



Comments attributable to Paul Scully MP:


“The Premier and Minister for Transport have run out of excuses and are nearly out of time to commit to building the much-needed lifts at Unanderra Station.


“Gladys Berejiklian has just 72 days left to lift her game and match my commitment to build the Unanderra Station lifts.


“The NSW Liberals have had eight long years to deliver this project but so far they have failed.


“Between now and March 23 either the Premier, Minister Constance, Parliamentary Secretary Gareth Ward or the Liberal candidate for Wollongong must answer the question – will you build lifts at Unanderra Station in the next parliamentary term if you are re-elected to government?


“There’s just 72 days to provide the community with the answer…the clock is ticking.”