Crack down on hoons and excessive motor vehicle noise required in Wollongong CBD

05 May 2021

Member for Wollongong Paul Scully is calling for Wollongong Police and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to mount high profile enforcement campaigns to crack down on hoons and excessive motor vehicle noise in Wollongong CBD.

He said data confirmed that an enforcement operation has not taken place in the Wollongong CBD for over five years and its sending the wrong message that owners and drivers of highly modified vehicles can disturb the amenity of locations with impunity.


“If you live in a CBD area one expects a certain amount of noise associated with a vibrant and diverse range of activities from music to entertainment, outdoor dining and traffic noise.


“What you don’t deserve is excessively noisy cars or motor bikes dominating the city streets.


“I’m calling on the Wollongong Police and EPA to mount high-profile enforcement operations to address defective vehicles and anti-social driving around Wollongong CBD.


“These areas seem to attract many of the excessive motor vehicle noise incidents local Wollongong CBD residents and local businesses are complaining to me about on a regular basis.


“I’m advised that there have been enforcement operations in the Oak Flats area and between Helensburgh and Austinmer over the last 5 years that resulted in 26 motor vehicles fined for a range of noise and vehicle standard compliance issues – but no operation has been mounted in the Wollongong CBD.


“On the weekend a major high profile enforcement operation took place along Brighton-Le-Sands.


“It is time for similar high profile enforcement operations to target excessive motor vehicle noise and hooning incidents in Wollongong CBD streets.


“In calling for this operation people who own modified vehicles that meet noise standards and drive them responsibly have nothing to worry about.


“Those who have cars and bikes that don’t meet the standards and behave like they own the roads are giving car lovers a bad name and if they keep breaking the law they should be fined”, he said.


Mr Scully said he had written to the Wollongong Police District Commander, Superintendent Evan Quarmby and the Minister for Energy and Environment, Matt Kean MP, proposing Wollongong CBD enforcement operations, also involving the EPA, take place as soon as possible.