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October 17, 2018

The Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Andrew Constance MP, tried to be half-smart during Question Time in the Legislative Assembly this afternoon in relation to train station upgrades.


The Minister mentioned the Unanderra Station but once again failed to announce that the Berejiklian Government would fund its upgrade, including installing its much-needed lifts.


For the record, NSW Labor announced $25 million in funding for the upgrade of Unanderra Station on 9 September 2016 has reconfirmed this commitment on multiple occasions since.


Unanderra Station’s upgrade and the installation of its lifts will be a priority in the first budget of a Foley Labor Government if we are given the privilege to form the next government of New South Wales in March 2019.


The people of Unanderra and surrounding suburbs have been waiting nearly eight long years for the Berejiklian Government to return the funds originally allocated by the former Labor Government in 2010 to build these much-needed lifts.


The Minister all but confirmed the Liberals will never build the Unanderra lifts.


Only a Foley Labor Government will.


One thing the Minister did get right in Question Time today, as he waved around a pile of my letters, is that I have written to him many, many, many times urging him to match my $25 million funding commitment.


The next time the Minister even thinks about talking about Unanderra Station, it should only be to match NSW Labor’s $25 million funding commitment.