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July 05, 2018

NSW Labor has slammed the Berejiklian Government for introducing a two-tiered system to assist people experiencing homelessness in a few selected postcodes.


Homeless people in some suburbs will be provided supported shelter while others will be dumped at motels and in caravan parks.


The Berejiklian Government is developing its housing policy based on postcode; abandoning women and their families from the Illawarra in temporary pub accommodation, caravan parks and motels.


Additionally, data from FACS reveals that almost every housing allocation zone in metropolitan Sydney and the Illawarra now has a ten year minimum wait for 2 to 3 bedroom property.


The average increase in homelessness in NSW was a staggering 37 per cent, which was the highest increase in the country.


Ms Mihailuk said the NSW Government had failed to invest in social housing, and in specialist homelessness services.



Quotes attributable to Shadow Minster for Family and Community Services and Social Housing Tania Mihailuk:


“Help should never be based on a postcode but it is typical of the Liberal-National Government to neglect the Illawarra.


“This is another example of how Liberal-National Government’s neglect of the Illawarra has not only resulted in an increase in homelessness but the Government thinks it’s ok to house some people and leave others stranded in motels.


“Now to make matters worse homeless women and families will continue to be dumped at motels and caravan parks while others are sheltered properly.


“There have been significant increases in homelessness in the Illawarra yet the NSW Government thinks having a two-tiered system is a good idea. It’s unacceptable.


“The NSW Government has failed to come up with a plan to tackle the rise in homelessness despite raking in billions in stamp duty revenue.”



Quotes attributable to Paul Scully:


“It is disappointing that once again the needs of people in Wollongong and the Illawarra rank lower on the Berejiklian Government’s priority list than other areas.


“Homeless people and those at risk of homelessness need support when they are struggling the most, not when it is most convenient for governments to deliver.


“We have people sleeping on trains, greater demand from meal and support services and boarded up Housing NSW properties yet the Illawarra is last on the Berejiklian Government’s priority list in yet another policy area.”