More than 20,000 people a day leave Wollongong for work in Sydney – good roads and public transport infrastructure are very important to our region.

In 2017 when the Liberal Government wanted to scrap the free Gong Shuttle, I led a community campaign to keep the Gong Shuttle free – and we won.

In 2018, we won another struggle with the Government, and secured more carriages for overcrowded afternoon services from Central to Wollongong.

But our community’s transport needs continue to be overlooked with commuters on the South Coast Line always left for last waiting for improvements to passenger services such as cuts to travel times and increases to frequency of services.

Passenger services on the South Coast Line will continue to suffer unless the Maldon-Dombarton rail link is completed, to get freight services off passenger lines.

We cannot ignore our road infrastructure either with improvements needed to Mount Ousley and Picton Roads, along with a raft of safety improvements needed on our local roads.