Short-term rental summer holiday chaos

01 November 2021

The summer holiday plans of thousands of NSW residents and visitors could be thrown into chaos within weeks unless additional time is allowed for short-term rental property owners to register their properties.

In a Budget Estimates hearing last week, a matter of days before today’s registration deadline, it was revealed that as few as one in four short-term rental properties had registered meaning thousands more risk being delisted and unavailable to families who have booked them for summer.
Last week Department of Planning officials reported that as of October 22nd 2021 approximately only 19,000 short-term rental properties had been registered with the Department.
Owners of short-term rental accommodation properties need to register their properties with the NSW Government by today in order to be viable accommodation for travelling residents and tourists.
Owners who have not registered their properties are unable to accept guests.
Shadow Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Paul Scully said the NSW Government had dropped the ball on the registration process, throwing summer holiday plans for thousands into chaos.
“It’s another case of the NSW Government being all announcement and little delivery.”
“After months of lockdown people are looking forward to getting away but they might discover that they no longer have accommodation because their short-term rental property is not registered.”
“This isn’t just a mammoth blow to holiday makers, it’s also a blow to our states economic recovery, to the small business’, cafes, restaurants and workers who rely on the tourist economy.”
Shadow Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, Courtney Houssos MLC said that after the registration deadline had already been delayed once she was surprised to hear that an advertising campaign had only just started.
“Measures to confirm the building safety of short-term rental properties are important.”
“With up to an estimated 80,000 properties in NSW being used for short-term rentals it is incredible that the Government hasn’t put more effort into getting people to register their properties.”
“Despite the register having been open for months there doesn’t appear to be a great deal of urgency from the Government to encourage registration.”
“People who have a short-term rental property booked should confirm that the property they have booked is registered and that they will be able to stay in it.”